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JAN 11

Once upon a time this was our song. "This is our last dance, This is ourselves."

SEP 02

The World of Yesterday: Forgotten letters from an Unknown Soldier. "Timeless Wars" from the album "The Love To End All Love".

Timeless Wars

APR 21

Voilà: THE LOVE TO END ALL LOVE. No Easter without Passion.

APR 20

Speaking of Easter Eggs: You can find plenty of Symbiance references in the movie Trans Bavaria - the heroes' license plate is one of the more obvoius. For those of you, who can spot another one, we have a copy of THE LOVE TO END ALL LOVE as a little Easter Gift. The album release is tomorrow!

APR 18

Only three days left until the release of our new album THE LOVE TO END ALL LOVE. In the meantime, we'd like to share our little homage to Freddie Mercury and Queen with you:

Dear Friends

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